Set Our Children Free
Public schools have deteriorated to such a degree that parents must abandon this system for the good of their children.  If you disagree, you either work for the school system, and are blinded to its deficiencies, or you haven't done your homework.  This doesn't mean that all schools are bad or that every teacher isn't doing their job.  There are good people trying to make a difference in every organization, despite the fact that the odds are stacked against them.  Simply put, public schools cannot properly educate your kids in today's America because our entire educational system went terribly off track decades ago, and the current political and educational environment is impossibly resistant to change.  Consider the following:

1.  Public schools are academically anemic.  I don't care if you have a bumper sticker that says your child is an honor student.  The truth is that if your honor student was honest, he/she would admit that they need very little effort to get those grades.  If they are working hard, it's because they are the rare kid that cares about learining and not just getting grades.  We are near the bottom of industrialized nations on standardized tests because our standards have fallen so far.  One honor student recently told me that he felt his education was being sacrificed for the low performing students.  Foreign exchange students, privates school kids, and home schooled kids are several grades ahead of public school students.   I don't care where your kids attend, their school's goal is "no child left behind,"  not "get every child the education they need."  In short, pass them all, educate a few.

2. Public schools sacrifice academics for social engineering and political correctness.  Trust me when I tell you that today's educators feel they know way more than you what's best for your child.  Once you drop them off for school, they belong to the school system, not you, and the indoctrination begins.  Politically correct diversity training, which includes race, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation is fed to your kids in both subtle and programmatic fashion.  Science and Social Studies are similarly corrupted with teaching your child to be a global citizen and environmental steward.  Climate change replaces Calculus, and love of Mother Earth replaces love of country.  Only the politically correct view is tolerated.  Independent thinking is punished.  With federal money comes federal control of the curriculum.  The goal is to change society into the leftist's view of utopia.  Remember, Abraham Lincoln said that the philosophy of the classrooom today, will be the philosophy of government tomorrow.

3.  Public schools are in anarchy.  Federal dictates have instituionalized a lack of discipline that has tied school administrators' hands.  They cannot remove violent offenders from the schools because the feds will come down on them, and this puts the good kids at risk.   Bullying is rampant yet tolerated because school administrators won't assign fault, and don't recognize a right of self defense.  Therefore, good kids get punished with the bad, and morale suffers.  As an added bonus, all kids are then made to endure gay lifestyle orientation disguised as anti-bullying training.  Even dealing with non-violent, but disrespectful and disinterested students, consumes much of a teacher's day - time that robs other students of their education.  The lack of discipline is also more than evident in the unbridled sexually saturated atmosphere that encourages hooking up - an atmosphere that carries over to the teaching staff in many instances, as teacher/student sex has become commonplace.

If you disagree with the above reason to remove your support of this corrupt system, then I encourage you to read the news reports and informational articles on the home page of this website.  If they don't change your mind, you are part of the problem.


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